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Lisaac text editor bundel

Overerfing van: Default Source
Required: C++

Auteur: Jeremy Cowgar.
Bestands patroon: *.li;*.lip;.

Supported functionality

Omschrijving van Lisaac


Small prototype-based programming language.The ideas in Lisaac are mostly inspired by Smalltalk (all values are objects), Self (prototype-based) and Eiffel (design by contract).


All platforms (host/target specific for GCC)


  • Pure object language
  • very fast (like C code)
  • dynamic and multiple inheritance
  • dynamic definition slot
  • static typing (invariant)
  • genericity type
  • auto-cast type system
  • programming by contract
  • interrupt manager
  • include C code facilities

Syntax schema's

lisaac_spec.xml - specification file contains general information about syntax, syntax highlighting rules, scope definitions, keywords etc.
lisaac_spec.xml30.08.164.05 KB

Gerelateerde links

Links naar web sites gerelateerd aan syntax, syntax discussie forums etc.

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